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election campaigns that convert

Creating winning election campaign strategies
Digital Advertising Strategies

Generate 360 runs dynamic elections campaigns, many of which have had hugely successful outcomes. Your election campaign is only as good as the materials and advertisements that you are getting out to your community. Visibility and targeted ads are key to communicating your impact and bringing constituents to the polls. Without a solid marketing campaign, even the best candidates can fall flat on election day. If you are considering running for office in Minnesota, give us a call today! Generate 360 has had marked success in running election campaigns with success rates between 80-100% of the candidates who chose Generate 360 for their marketing campaigns were voted into office with a winning digital campaign strategy.

With an entire team of talented professionals on hand, Generate 360 comes equipped to create and manage digital advertising campaigns across Google and partner sites, social media, with impactful ads, video ads, streaming ads, and email campaigns. We have experience getting our candidates key visibility in the places and media sources where their messages can have the most impact and extensive reach. Over the past few years, we have had client ads published on USA Today, Forbes Business, WCCO, KARE 11, MSNBC, FOX News, NBA and NFL YouTube Channels, and client stories published in national media such as The Wall Street Journal and throughout local Minnesota media. We will help you identify and tap into the markets and sources with strong potential to convert and get you results on election day! When you choose Generate 360 to run your election ads, you are backed by a team of expert strategists, creative professionals, and digital ads managers committed to highlighting your unique impact within your community. Organization and strategy are key to running a successful election campaign. We’ll work with you to identify your target market and find creative ways to utilize your advertising budget to your greatest advantage. We’ll create branding and messaging that resonates with voters and allows them to see your mission and passion for service. Our team of photographers and videographers are skilled at capturing the storytelling that matters most. Communicating your ideas and plans for strategic change needs to be balanced with giving voters a look at the real you. Election ads and campaigns that are clear, concise, and compelling are critical to delivering your message. Generate 360 can help you do all that and more! Give us a call today! #electioncampaigns #marketingagency #digitaladvertising #videoproduction #streamingads #socialmedia #emailmarketing #textads


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